Introduction to Essential Oils With Essentially Lucy Rossa

Introduction to Essential Oils With Essentially Lucy Rossa

Posted on behalf of Lucy Rossa

Come and join us for a relaxing evening, during which I will be teaching you how to safely and effectively use therapeutic grade essential oils to support you and your family's emotional and physical well-being.

Have you ever thought about a more natural approach to your medicine cabinet or a more effective way to manage your emotions?

Let me guide you; nature is a powerful healing tool, and has so much to offer us, since discovering doTERRA essential oils I am amazed every day about the extra level of support they provide for our body to heal and be well.

The evening will include custom information specifically for you as well as:

- A natural way of supporting sleep

- How to support digestive issues

- A natural way to support immunity

- A natural way to treat headaches

- How to help with anxiety or chronic stress

- Ways to reduce the toxicity in the home through the use of natural cleaning and hygiene products

Plus much much more.

Limited spaces available, booking essential. We look forward to meeting you.

With love,

Lucy x

22 Aug 2019 at 7:30pm
until 22 Aug 2019 at 10:30pm

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